Welcome to Velobond.

My name is Jörg and I’m cycling to Greece.

Germany – Greece

Start 4. August 2021

Days 44

Kilometres 2.728

Currently in Zelenika, Montenegro

As of 16th of September 2021

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total kilometres


Countries cycled

Germany*, Poland*, Czech Republic*, Slovakia*, Austria*, Italy*, France*, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Hawaii, USA*, Canada*, Taiwan*, Japan, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia*, Hungary, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium*, Netherlands*, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro

*cycled in more than once

Longest Day

225km (Belgium & France)

Shortest Day

11km (Corsica)


20 (approximately)




43°C (Australia)


-5°C (Bulgaria)

Longest without Soap

15 days (Japan)


98% of the time

wild camped

96% of the time

First Tour

2016 for 11 months

Last Tour

2020 for 2 months

Longest tour

11 months (2016-2017)

Shortest tour

12 days (2017, Taiwan)

Top Speed

78 km/h

Longest without Shoes

44 days (and counting)

. . .


First 1000km cycled

Farmstay in the south of Portugal

Being a guest at Russel Crowe’s

First climb to 3000m (on Maui)

Dancing & Sweating with the Blackfoot Tribe in Canada

Getting shot in Montana

The countless lovely people I encountered